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Incidents and Maintenance

Maintenance SimLab 20. Feb. 2019, 15:00

Our git-repository-server ( will be offline during a bigger update and maintenance period on Wednesday the 20. Feb. 2019.

Data synchronized during the update process could be lost.

Maintenance successful - ηὕρηκα

  1. New certificate employed. Now external use will be much easier.
  2. Database updated.
2019/02/20 09:25

HPC (Cluster)

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New Simulation Nodes

hostname access Hardware \~ \~ Status
sim01 cl2 12 cores, \~24 GB RAM \~ \~ running
sim02 cl2 16 cores, \~48 GB RAM \~ \~ running
sim03 cl2 18 cores, \_128 GB RAM \~ \~ running
sim04 cl1 12 cores, \~96 GB RAM Fedora 34 \~ testing
sim05 cl2 48 cores, \_168 GB RAM \~ \~ running
sim06 special 6 cores, \~\_8 GB RAM \~ \~ limited
sim08 special 8 cores, \~16 GB RAM \~ \~ limited

historic machines

For running old simulations we keep some old systems. They can be activated instead of the current simulation nodes.

sim32 cl1 \~8 cores, \~4 GB RAMFedora 32 (2021) \~ maintenance
sim30 cl1 \~8 cores, \~4 GB RAMFedora 30 (2020) \~ on demand
sim29 cl1 \~6 cores, \~4 GB RAMFedora 29 (2019) \~ on demand
sim27 cl1 \~6 cores, \~4 GB RAMFedora 27 (2018) \~ on demand
sim25 cl1 \~6 cores, \~4 GB RAMFedora 25 (2017, lammps with atomistica) \~ on demand
sim23 cl1 \~4 cores, \~4 GB RAMFedora 23 (2016) \~ on demand
sim1204 cl1 \~4 cores, \~4 GB RAMUbuntu 12.04 (2014) \~ on demand

If you have demand for some special configurations, more cores more memory on one of the simulation nodes, or you want to try some historic machines just ask the IT to reconfigure the systems

2018/11/29 13:07

Intel ME Security Vulnerability (INTEL-SA-00086)

12.05.2017 - 16:00

The security vulnerability public since 1. Mai 2017 (INTEL-SA-00075, INTEL-SA-00086) has now been categories by Intel as severe.

Most PCs, Laptops and Servers based on Intel CPUs can be captured, crashed or damaged, remote or with an USB-stick, powered up or not.

Intel Security advisory

Intel published a detection tool for testing the own system:

Download of Detection Tool

2017/11/24 12:02

Downtime of HPC clusters LiMa, TinyFAT & parts of Woody on Mon, May 15.

12.05.2017 - 16:00

Do to urgent work on the power grid, the HPC clusters LiMa, TinyFAT & parts of Woody (w10xx = :sb) have to shut down on Monday, May 15th starting at 7 o'clock in the morning. As usual, jobs that would collide with the downtime will be postponed.

Check the MOTD when logging into the clusters for updates.

2017/05/12 13:59

New Repositories: SVN ⟶ GIT

28.04.2017 - 14:00

Starting from today our old subversion repositories on will be moved to our new SimLab(git) repository management system, which is based on GIT.

In this process the repositories will be converted to GIT.

To access the repositories on SimLab you have to log in there once and ask an administrator (me) to give you rights for the repository. This has only to be done for the first repository, all other access rights will be added automatically by the system (hopefully).

If you can not access your repositories any more or have questions about the usage of GIT.

If the demand for counselling is big enough and questions arise about how to plan and handle a project with the new GIT-workflow we should hold a panel and discuss best practices.

2017/04/28 12:17

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The IT is back

30.09.2016 - 14:00

All systems working again, the Cloud services included.

System Emergency shutdown - back to normal

23.09.2016 - 16:30

The new identity management system (IDM) is working like a charm.

  • All clients in the institute are back to normal.
  • Most of the server services are working again, network shares and SVN repositories.

But one last thing missing are the cloud systems with calendars and filesharing. You can use the ww8Cloud again and access your files and personal calendar, but sharing and the institut calendars are still missing.

System Emergency shutdown - most systems back

22.09.2016 - 19:08

We lost our identity management system (IDM) today which is managing all our clients and user accounts.

A new IDM has been prepared and tested during the last months and has taken over now.

The bad news is all user accounts got lost and have to be recreated (except the ones of people with test accounts in the new systems). Everyone has to get a new password. I will send new temporary passwords by email if the email-address is available to me, unfortunately the email-addresses of all our users had been saved in the broken IDM.

All the clients in the institute (except for ww8-node1 and ww8-2029-1) are back to normal, home directories are available again.

Sometimes there is strange behavior when sshing around. Workaround is to kinit and source the ~/.bashrc . This will be solved tomorrow.

The SVN repositories are still not available, but will be back tomorrow too.

The Ownclouds (owncloud and fass-cloud) are not working, the need a little bit more tuning, hopefully they will be back tomorrow afternoon too.

The student laptops which have been borrowed by some students (Bergmann and Monnavari) will loose the ability to login during the next weeks and have to be returned to the institute to be configured for the new IDM.

System Emergency Shutdown

22.09.2016 - 11:19

All our systems will be shut down for at least one our. After this all passwords have to be reset.

  • Home directories and Login to clients in the institute will not be available.
  • SVNs will not be available.
  • Owncloud and other services will not be available, maybe for an even longer time.
  • The cause of all these troubles is our Certificate system which died yesterday afternoon. Certificates can not be renewed because of some internal problems.

The fastes way to solve the problem is to just set up a new one.

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